AMP For WordPress : Set Up With Detailed Instructions.

AMP for WordPress

How To Setup AMP Pages Of Your WordPress Blog (Detailed Instructions)

Hello Everyone. In this blog I will show you how to setup AMP for WordPress.

So you have completely set up your blog with all the required plugins. Now you want to make your blog AMP compatible. AMP or Automated Mobile Pages are very essential as they help you rank better. Google usually prefers pages that have AMP option for users with slow internet connections.

Here are the steps to set up AMP for WordPress.

  1. Downloading The Plugin – So the first step is to download the plugin. Go to you WordPress admin page. In the plugin tab, Click on ‘Add New Plugin’. Then in the search bar search for AMP. Download the plugin whose developer is ‘Automattic‘.AMP FOR WORDPRESS
  2. Installing The Plugin – After you have downloaded the plugin click on Activate. Wait for few seconds until the page reloads. Congratulations! you have setup AMP on your site.
  3. Generating AMPs – Now you have to make sure that your site generates the AMP versions of you pages. This is the most important step as this plugin will make your AMPs available to the users. So again go to Plugins tab > Add New > Search > AMP for WP.AMP for WordPressIt is developed by Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi. After you have downloaded this plugin, Click on the Activate button.

In this way you can make your website AMP compatible. The last plugin which I told you helps you to modify your AMP pages. After Installing the plugin you will see a new tab named ‘AMP’.
AMP FOR WORDPRESSClick on that tab. This tab will help you to modify your AMP. In this you can set ads on your blog on the AMP pages, fix errors and verious other things.

So with this I end my today’s topic i.e. AMP for WordPress. If you have any problem feel free to contact me or comment.

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