How To Start A Blog (Free Domain and Hosting) on WordPress ?


How To Start A Blog (Free Domain and Hosting) on WordPress ?


So you have no budget. You don’t want to spend a penny to buy a domain and a hosting plan. In this post I will show you How To Start A Blog (Free Domain and Hosting) on WordPress ?

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. This is what a blog is.

So lets start.

Here are the various steps to setup a blog –

  • Finding A Free Domain Provider – The most important step is to find a free domain provider. Domain name need to short so that it can be easily remembered. There are various websites which provide this service but the best of all is Freenom. It provides short domain names free of cost. I prefer this domain the most. To register with freenom, go to There in the find new domain tab, enter the name of your website that you want and click on check availability. After that a new page will open showing various domains such as .tk, .ga, .ml etc. Select your preferred domain and click Checkout. A new page will open. There click on use DNS > Use Your Own DNS. Leave this tab open and open another tab.


  • Finding A Free Hosting Website – It is the most crucial step as all your website data will be stored here. Go to > It is the best free hosting website as its servers are quite fast. When the page opens Click on Get Started. Click on Order below the free plan. Create a new account. Set up all. Add your domain. All set.


  • Setting DNS – After this go to details > Copy the nameserver and ip addr. Paste these in the old tab. You can fill only 2. Fill both of them and click continue. After that all the process is user-friendly. Now after your domain is set. Go to Manage Domain in freenom. Under management tools click nameservers.  Fill the remaining ones. Now your domain and hosting are finalisied.


  • Setting WordPress – In hostinger cpanel go to Auto Builder in the websites tab. Select wordpress from there. Fill up the required information. So your website is completely finalized

So how easy it was. Following these steps anyone can start a blog on WordPress. I hope you liked it guys. If you have any doubt feel free to comment. I hope I will be able to solve them all. Thats all for today.



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