Huawei P10 India : Release and Price

Huawei P10 India (Release and Expected Price)

Huawei P10 India

Huawei is all set to release its new smartphone Huawei P10 in India with a leica camera. This would be an amazing release as the smartphone is the update version of previously released Huawei P9.

Hello Everyone! Today we will be discussing the features of the new smartphone by Huawei i.e. Huawei P10 and also its release date and expected price in India. So let’s start.

Wait before proceeding, I want you check the new release by Nokia i.e. Nokia 3310 in India.

Now We can proceed.

Let’s start with some great features of this phone :

Body Design – HUAWEI P10 sets an industry benchmark for style and craftsmanship with the first hyper diamond-cut finishing on a smartphone which adds strength and colour. Finishes are also available in high gloss and sandblast.

Best-Ever Self Portraits : Leiva Front Camera – An all new Leica front camera captures 2x more light, offering amazing self portraits. HUAWEI P10 even senses groufies and automatically switches to wide-angle shots when more people enter the picture.

Huawei P10 India

THE SPEED OF LIFE – Machine learning and the ultra-fast Kirin 960 processor keep HUAWEI P10’s performance at the peak of its game. Coupled with HUAWEI Ultra Memory technology that intelligently manages memory, the apps you love load faster than ever.

It runs on Android Nougat i.e. Android N.

Huawei P10 India

The phone seems to be quite amazing with all amazing features. I would recommend this to everyone. This phone will be released in India on 27th May 2017.

This phone will not be a budget phone due to massive features in it. It will cost around ₹45000 to ₹50000. I think that it’s a nominal price for a phone with such amazing features.

It’s going to be a hit release.

Hope to see this phone soon in India.

I will soon be comparing it with the latest smartphones by Samsung, Oneplus etc.

Stay connected for review of this phone.

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